Kreis USA

Kreis USA

Welcome to Kreis Jewellery. Kreis is a jewelry brand and new company name of JUNGKUM Casting who has been sticking to only gold jewelry since it was established in 1988. The word, Kreis, means a round circle in German and symbolize high quality rings made by Kreis. We've been going up having business relations with about 30 regular customers of 13 countries like U.S.A., the Middle East, Asia, Europe and so on as we developed current brands of our own, "Kreis" and "Gold Souk". We've been winning recognition out techniques internationally validation constructing a development system of jewelry ornaments' design by CAD/CAM, acquiring an authentication as a venture business, one case of a utility model and 99 cases of registered designs. In addition we lead about 20 employee to participate in jewelry fairs which are held all over the world annually to develop human resources. On that account, we've been constituted a fine enterprise for encouragement of vocation and still in pursuit of human resources before everything. In conclusion, we Kreis are always pursuing the best quality goods with continuous product development and thorough quality control.



2004 Awarded the Stone Tower Order of Industrial Services Merit from the President of Korea

2004 Awarded the prize for U$ 20.0 million exports 2002 Established Kreis USA company in L.A., U.S.A.

2002 Achieved U$ 10.0 million exporting sales for two years

2002 Awarded the best prize for the Grand Prix of Daegu Metropolis Small and Miedium Enterprise

2002 Selected excellence enterprise for highly technical skill by the Ministry of Labor

2002 Acquired Certificate of Venture Business by the Small & Medium Business Administration 2001 Achieved U$ 10.0 million exporting sales for one year

2001 Acquired GD-mark which is to certify goods of good design

2001 Acquired Q-mark which is to certify goods of good design 2001 Acquired ISO 9002 quality management system

2001 registered as limited company under the name of Kreis Jewellery Corp.

2000 Awarded the prize for U$ 5.0 million exports 2000 Nominated as one of the manufactures who are to supply the goods relevant to 2002 World Cup & Asian Games

1999 Awarded the Presidential prize for good achievement in exporting business

1999 Awarded the prize for U$ 1.0 million exports 1999 constituted New Millenium Leading Small and Medium Enterprise

1998 Started exporting in earnest from Tokyo international Jewelry fair

1997 Awarded the 4th prize for Japanese Pearl Design contest

1996 Awarded the 2nd prize for Korean Precious Metal jewelry contest

1996 Awarded the 4th & 5th prize for Japanese Pearl Design Contest

1995 Awarded the first prize for Korean Modern Jewelry Contest 1988 Established Jungkum Casting Company